Welcome to the music  section of  our website. Here you will find the Lilychant  software. Lilychant is a front end for the popular Open Source Lilypond music score creation system. Lilychant is designed to allow the easy creation of musical scores for Orthodox chants. It is particularly effective when you have a number of different sets of words that all need to be set to the same music. Thus, once you have defined the musical pattern for one of the Troparion/Stikeron/Prokimenon or Canon melodies you can quickly set any new set of words and produce a full musical score in Lilypond format. From the Lilypond file you can then create pdf and midi files as required. These pages also contain a selection of melody pattern files for traditional Russian Obikhod and Kievan tones.
IMPORTANT NOTE 15/04/2012 New version of Lilychant Available
New version with improved beam control in the music file and bug fixes.
Previous with vertical spacing control, and improved accidental handling.
Previous version with facilities for beam-breaking
Previous version added octave doubling and support for Cyrillic or Greek Characters
New settings for Saints of Britain  Including newly composed Stikheras for St Richard of Wessex
New Melodies “O’ House of Ephratha”and Bulgarian Tones 2 and 3.


Lilychant Software Manual pdf
Lilychant Software Download
Lilychant Melody Pattern Files for the Tones
Lilychant Examples
Settings for Saints of Britain