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COVID 19 UPDATE. 20th JULY 2021

As you are aware the Government COVID 19 restrictions were relaxed on the 19th July, so obviously there will be variations to how organisations manage their establishments following this. There are some who in the main are retaining many of the restrictions some who are keeping a few and some who are lifting them all. As a parish we need to take a balanced approach as we continue to operate during the continuing pandemic and in a way that suits our needs and the church we worship in which is as safe as possible for everyone. As you know we, as a parish, have been very careful over the past year or so in how we have managed registration, access and attendance at the church, and this has been proven by that lack of infection amongst our worshipping community. We therefore propose that the following measures are implemented for the time being, with these being reviewed on the 30th August.

Face coverings.  These will be optional; There will be people who will want to discard face coverings and those of us who will wish to continue wearing them, each person’s preference must be respected. I for one will continue to wear a face covering in certain circumstances, it is however not practicable for me to wear a mask in church.

Social distancing. This will be relaxed in church, however each of us needs to take responsibility for each other and protect ourselves as far as possible, so please do respect each other’s personal space and keep to a safe distance were possible.

Sanitation etc. We intend to keep sanitation stations in the building, I do not see this as obtrusive practice, but rather as good housekeeping and general hygiene and request that people sanitise their hands on entering church. We shall keep paper towels and sanitation soap in the toilets as good hygiene practice.

Ventilation. Certainly during the summer months we shall endeavour to ventilate the church during services, that is by having windows and doors open, again this is basic good housekeeping and hygiene. Both front doors will remain open so as before please enter by the right and leave by the left.

Booking and registration. As you know over the past months we have needed to book and register in we wished to attend any of our services. There will now be no requirement to book for each service or Divine Liturgy, however for the time being we are requesting that people on entering the church continue to sign the register at the candle desk providing the usual information. This precaution is being taken in the unlikely event of any Covid infection occurring within our community who have attended any service. This will enable us to contact each and every one of you to inform you of this fact, so that you can take any necessary precautions require to protect yourselves and others.

Coffee hour. Although this is an important function in the life of our church, the coffee hour following the Liturgy remains suspended in the view of continuing precautions and safety.